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Frank is an integrated platform where everything happens in an intelligent and connected environment Learn how to outperform your former self.

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There are many details that make Frank
the best platform for AEC firms. Here are a few.

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Project Phases

Every project goes through stages. Manage them and keep the project on track since the beginning.

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Contractual Deliverables

Sending files is easy, but knowing the exact version distributed to each consultant and keeping it well organized is easier with Frank's built in numbering.

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Project Performance

Keep a close eye on your project’s numbers and access industry-specific performance indicators. Everything you need; nothing you don't.

Frank Management:
A paradigm Shift

If you think that looking at the numbers is managing a project, think again. Frank is prepared to support all your daily activities and provide a comprehensive picture of reality.

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Management is not Accounting

Accounting has supported management for years, but you can't change the score by looking at the scoreboard. Winning requires the team to work as one, basing their decision-making processes in efficient and fluid information.

Integration vs Polarization

There are a thousand tools out there than can do many things. But at the end of the day, you are the ultimately responsible for the work you committed to. Frank is ready to integrate all your information so you are always in control.

Right Where Your DNA is, lies the Way You –and Only You– Manage Your Business

Everyone uses the same accounting rules; we all deliver the same technical information. Frank stands out from the rest because it manages information the way you need him to.

Every Firm is Unique

For every firm out there, there is a way of doing things. Frank allows each company to set up their standards and operate in their unique way. It comes with default settings and templates to hit the ground running. You can take it from there.

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Frank Collaboration
Frank Collaboration


Frank learns how to work your way and help you deliver projects consistently. By customizing deliverable lists, workflows, documents, templates, project phases, and task structures, you can shape Frank to become your right-hand man. Frank is the formula to build a scalable business.

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Rest Assured your Information is Safe

Frank keeps all the information in the Amazon Web Servers. With a well-thought security key systems, key-keepers can assign access to information at will with one click.

Go where your work is:
use our app to keep track of your projects since their inception

Keep a clear record of project and construction progress and store valuable information linked to your RFIs.

Manage your Constructions and Change the Way you Build

Planning and Budgeting

Set your starting budget so you can always compare with your plan.

Cost Control

Keep your expenses vs. budget updated realtime and detect deviations early on and act on them.

Vendor Qualifications

Frank is prepared to help you build. The platform keeps a qualified record of vendors –likely the most critical ingredient in your recipe.

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