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Company KPIs

This collection of Key Performance Indicators was built based on industry-wide research. These KPIs will tell you in one screen the status of your most important management information, such as:

  • Billings per Person per Month.
  • Highest billing client.
  • Blended Hourly Rate.
  • Collection Status.
  • Utilization Ratio.
  • Net Multiplier.

With an elegant design, you will have instant access to the information you need to know.

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Key Management Reports

You may have a hundred reports, but all you need to know lies in these reports:

  • Pipeline view, with a clear overview of workload vs. Resources.
  • Studio Performance overview, with all the projects grouped by client and their KPIs.

Once you have the big picture, you can start digging to find the answers you need.

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Dashboards are Frank; so, everytime you need to review something, you know what you are looking at and you can compare it with other metrics . Project Dashboards, in particular, will enable you to:

  • Always know where your project is.
  • Change from perceptions to facts.
  • Compare previous projects with similar information.
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Project Reports

Find the answers you need with Frank's project reports:

  • Project Time Tracking.
  • Account Summary, with a complete account statement.
  • Budget vs Expense, to keep cost under control.

Frank is much more than Reports.
It also helps you with

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Sales & Marketing

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Design & Documentation

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Task Organizer

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Human Resources

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